I'm Saskia, slightly quirky but pretty damn brilliant at what I do. And what I do is write copy and content for businesses who want to inspire, instigate, educate, captivate & entertain.

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My Story

What sets me apart from all the other copywriters out there?

Originality, refreshing creative flair and a unique perspective; I think out of the box so my copy isn't the same old generic marketing that puts a lot of people off.

I'm empathetic, I pride myself on building authentic relationships whether that be with my employer, their customer or a personal friend; real human connection is what life is all about.. I don't look at a customer as a commodity, a hand holding a credit card, I see them as individuals with values and needs that are important to them.

How does my background make me a kick ass copywriter?

I haven't been a copywriter all my life, that's what gives me an edge and a much better capability and perspective. I have an eagle's eye view of your project, instead of only understanding the part I play. I've created concepts from scratch, I've helped shape the personality and voice of a brand, I've created the social media and creative content to draw in customers, and I've created great copy that makes people want to buy. I'm not a one trick pony, my diversity of life and work experience means I have so much more to offer you.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.