I am here to help you navigate

life AFTER cancer treatment. 

Whether you finished treatment last week,

last month, or years ago.

I believe it's after cancer treatment when we need support, nurturing and guidance most of all.


The real bumps in the road come after; when the impact of what you went through physically, emotionally and mentally really hits you.

I help you navigate the unknown, come to terms with the changes, and make the adjustments needed to truly move on after treatment.

I can help you deal with issues like the fear of reoccurrence, loss of confidence, reassessing your life and dealing with unexpected emotions.

We will work together to put your life back on track, and make you the happiest you have ever been.

I show you how to...


 - Let go of the old you before diagnosis so you can really get to know and embrace who you are today.

 - Release fear and anxiety of recurrence or death.

 - Get your confidence back.

 - Feel more positive, and excited about life and all its possibilities.

 - Quieten the negative talk and inner critic.


 - Dispel anxiety and overwhelm.

 - Let go of your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging ways



I incorporate a holistic and spiritual approach, 

as well as incorporating the fundamental elements of 

counselling and life coaching skills

as a registered CPCAB qualified practitioner.

I use various tools, practises and methods such as guided meditation, creative visualisation, authentic listening, mirror work and the law of attraction.


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