The medical profession are there to help you through treatment but when the treatment is over that support diminishes and you're left to fend for yourself as a ‘survivor.’


However I believe it is this time, more than any other, that we need the most support, nurturing and guidance.


I believe that the real bumps in the road come after treatment; that's when the impact of what you went through physically, emotionally and mentally start's hitting you, and it can be very overwhelming.

I offer a safe space to share what’s really going for you now cancer treatment is over. I offer the tools and guidance you need to understand, and accept, who you have become as a consequence of what you have been through. I help you navigate the unknown, come to terms with the changes, and make the adjustments needed to truly move on after treatment.

I help you to cultivate a life of happiness, love, acceptance, confidence and peace after cancer treatment.

I will be your guide, I will show you the way, and walk along with you.


We will work together to put your life back on track, and make you the happiest you have ever been (even before diagnosis).


With my expert guidance you will learn everything you need in order to heal, grow, transform and blossom into the very best version of yourself.


I will show you how to:


 - Let go of the old you before diagnosis so you can understand and embrace who you are today.

 - Use the magic that already lies deep within you that you never even knew was there.  

 - Navigate your own mind, heart, body and soul after the what you've been through.

 - Stand in your truth and feel amazing.

 - Embody who you are truly meant to be. 

 - Release fear and anxiety of recurrence or death.

 - Let go of your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging ways.


Together we can strip away all the fear, doubt, guilt, and limitations that you've been struggling with.



I use a more holistic approach. I incorporate holistic and spiritual tools such as affirmations, rituals, mirror work and the law of attraction to name but a few. However I also incorporate the fundamental elements of counselling and regular life coaching skills as a registered CPCAB qualified practitioner.

I use various different tools, practises and methods such as guided meditation, creative visualisation, authentic listening, mirror work and the law of attraction.


I offer a complimentary 25-minute phone call (the chemistry session) which allows us to see if we have a ‘connection’ and are the right fit to work together. So why not reach out, take a chance, and commit to transforming your life to become the happiest you have ever been?

This work can be done in person but is just as effective online, my coaching clients are scattered far and wide and we do our sessions via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video.

Schedule your free call with me below...

Finding the right person to help you isn't easy. That's why I offer a free 25 minute call before you consider embarking on a transformational journey with me. That way I ...
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25 min
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