Cancer Survivorship Program

The Cancer Misfit Online Course

- Navigating Life After Cancer Treatment

When you were first diagnosed with cancer, it's likely that you were terrified. You put on a brave face, suffered through every moment of treatment, and somehow, you've made it out on the other side. You may have been dreaming of this day for years, but now that you've made it, you're not sure what to do next. While there are many programs to support people who are going through cancer treatment, it can be harder to find support for cancer survivors to navigate what comes next. If you've been through cancer and are struggling with life after treatment, a cancer survivorship program can help you let go of the fear and anxiety you are struggling with, helping you to live the greatest chapter of your life yet, just as you hoped you'd get the chance to do when you first learned of your cancer diagnosis.

In my cancer survivorship program, we work together to focus on gratitude. Shifting your attitude about your life is the first step in letting go of the anxiety that can come after cancer treatment. Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be traumatic, and it can be natural for the brain and body to get stuck in the fight or flight response. When your brain starts to think of the cancer coming back, your body can feel a rush of adrenaline, preparing you for the fight of your life. We work together to calm these responses by focusing on positive areas of your life. While fear is normal, it does not have to control your future.

Support for cancer survivors is a key part of the work I do, making sure you start enjoying your life after treatment. I invite you to reach out to learn more about my 8 week cancer survivorship program. I'd love to welcome you to be a part of our post-cancer treatment community.