A one on one journey into your soul.

Individual private energy healing 

ceremonies at my home

in Southwest London. 


The sacredness of ceremonies. 

Our only rituals nowadays are our daily Starbucks coffee, our work commute, Netflix and Deliveroo.


We're used to being self-sufficient, not speaking our truth and we carry our emotional baggage all on our own. 


And we just get used to this heaviness. 

But what if I invited you to step off the hamster wheel, so you can get rid of that excess baggage you so needlessly carry?


Break up your mundane routine with something extra special - a sacred soul healing ritual. 


Doing a ritual is like a spiritual massage for your soul. 

You enter a different world where you don't have to worry about solving your problems on your own, you bring in the sacred help of the universe. 


I create special bespoke rituals for your particular issue... low self esteem, prosperity and abundance, relationships, life direction, self love, rejection etc.


I listen to you deeply and intently, so you feel seen, you feel heard and understood like never before. 

There's burning sage, there are candles, scents, meditations, intentions, crystals....


You don't have to worry about a thing. You can surrender to my expertise and relax in the knowing that whatever I do, or say, will help you to shift negative blocks, get to the root of your desire and manifest those desires into your life. 

You will leave feeling like you're now protected, guided and looked after by something much greater than yourself.


You will feel connected to your heart and soul, and you walk on air for days after. 



Each and everyone of us has a life full of rituals.


Rituals for our body, like brushing our teeth, running, soaking in a bath.


Rituals for our mind like reading the paper, watching television, writing in a journal.


But where are the rituals for our spirit and our soul? 

We have become so focused on our minds and bodies that we've forgotten the most essential part of ourselves, the deepest and most profound part of who we are.

Soul and spirit doesn’t have anything to do with religion and everything to do with who you really are deep inside. It’s the purest part of you that was born with nothing but innocence and light, that got covered up by a life time of conditioning.


Your background, parents, upbringing, education, career, ethnicity, religion, tastes, likes/dislikes, style. The list goes on and on.


True transformation and healing occurs when we peel all that conditioning back for a moment and do the work there. 


With my one on one energy healing ceremonies I reconnect you to the very essence of who you are; dig under all the conditioning to the purest part of yourself, because if you make the changes there it instinctively and positively has an impact on every single part of your life.


These rituals will transform your relationships; with friends, colleagues, family and most importantly yourself. The rituals impact your health, your career, the way you experience life, and the amount of extreme ridiculous happiness you can tap into.


Don’t diss it till you try it because I swear, this kind if spiritual work can change your life.


My energy healing rituals will reconnect you to the most beautiful part of who you are, the part you have completely forgotten about because it got buried under all the other crap. 


The word 'ritual' may sound slightly scary, conjuring up images in your mind of taking extreme hallucinogens like Ayahausca or Iboga... but I can guarantee what I do is completely safe, legal, comforting, and nothing to be afraid of.

I simply walk with you, escort you on a journey to your heart and soul so you are able to change the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck. And that way you remove the blocks, you shift your perspective and allow all good things to flow naturally and abundantly just as they should.


 - You reach out and make contact with me using the form at the bottom of the this page.

 - We set up a preliminary online 45 minute guidance session (via Skype or WhatsApp)

 This gives me a chance get to know you and what it is you want to achieve

(what blocks or negativity you want to release, what you want to manifest). 

 - I give you a little easy homework for the ritual.

 - We schedule a date for you to come to my home in Wimbledon for the 90 minute soul healing ritual.

 - You have an amazing experience and your life starts to slowly but surely transform.

 - You continue to work me with me because you quite simply love the work that I do.


The cost for a one on one private soul healing ritual at my home is £250

This includes the preliminary 45 minute online guidance session, the 90 minute healing ritual and all the magic that is involved in the ritual process.

If you'd like to know more simply book a 25 minute complimentary chemistry session phone call, and you can ask me anything you want!

Finding the right person to help you isn't easy. That's why I offer a free 25 minute call before you consider embarking on a transformational journey with me. That way I ...
Complimentary call
25 min
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