Daily Rituals

to transform

your life

from the inside out.

Simple every day habits

that feed your soul,

nourish you heart

& heal your mind.

These are the rituals that I do every day 
that have literally changed my life.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Do this every day as soon as you open your eyes in the morning 

 Make this as habitual as brushing your teeth, it doesn't seem like much

but its power to transform your life is immense. 

 - Think of 3 things you are grateful for or blessed to have in your life.

 - Think of 2 things that you will try to do, think or feel today to become an even greater version of yourself.

 - Think of one person who makes you smile.

 - Think of one food or drink that makes your tummy tingle.

 - Think of one thing that you will get done today no matter what.

Image by Tadeusz Lakota


Ritualise washing your face, your hands & your body.

 - When you wash your hands be focused and conscious and envision washing away all obstacles and blocks in your life.

 - When washing your face imagine you are washing away all illusions and judgements that cloud your eyes, and the negativity that blocks your pores, your heart and your spirit. 

 - When washing your beautiful body in the bath or in the shower, do so with love and focus. Wash away all heartache, all negativity, all toxic thinking. Imagine as you wash yourself lovingly and gently that as you wash away any darkness light starts to permeate out of every cell of your skin.

 - When brushing your teeth imagine you are deliberately choosing to wash away all the negative things you might say, like the gossiping, the judging, and the unnecessary here say.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


This only works if you believe it!

 - Every morning, before you reach for the tea bags or the coffee machine, make yourself a magic morning elixir first. 

 - In a mug add a big chunk of lemon, giving it a squeeze before you throw it in.

 - Add a dash of turmeric, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

 - Top with boiling water.

 - The most important part of this drink is the ritual you do before drinking it. Hold the mug in both hands and imagine the Universe's energy and light coming down from the sky and pouring into the mug. Sounds crazy, but this shit works so just go with it.

 - Before you take a sip be fully aware that you are about to to drink the power and positivity of the Universe.

 - As you drink close your eyes and imagine the liquid as a bright light going into your mouth and down into every fibre of your being.


Every day look in the mirror and speak to yourself.

 - Go HERE and choose three affirmations that resonate with you.

 - Write these affirmations out and stick them on your bathroom mirror.

 - Each morning before you brush your teeth, look at yourself with loving kindness and say each affirmation to yourself out loud.

- This is a very powerful exercise, if you discipline yourself to do this every day you will rewire your brain and the affirmations you are stating will become your core truth.

Image by Omid Armin


Just 10 minutes a day can REALLY change your life.

Contrary to popular belief there is no set way to meditate,

so just experiment and find what's right for you.

 - Download an app like Calm, Insight Timer or Headspace

 - Listen to an audio vision board (if you have Spotify)  HERE

 - Listen to one of my guided meditations HERE

 - Put on some of your favourite music and dance your mind free of thoughts

 - Colour in, paint, draw, collage - creativity calms the mind and feeds the soul.

 - Simply close your eyes and picture your perfect life, every little minute detail - dreaming is manifesting.

 - Sit in silence, focus on your breath and imagine a golden light surrounding you in a protective bubble that protects you from all negativity and fear, but allows all love and positivity to filter through into everything you are.

Image by Seven Shooter


We're all busy, but a page a day can keep the negativity away.

 - Choose an inspiring book such as one of these that changed my life CLICK HERE

 - Find time every day, whether first thing in the morning or before you go to bed, to read just one single page.

 - One page of insight and wisdom is better than not reading anything at all.

Image by bruce mars


Dancing is the best therapy in the world.

 - If you've had a shit day, if something or someone is irritating you, if you're overwhelmed or anxious, just 10 minutes of dancing in your living room can get rid of all that negative energy.

 - I have a few good playlists I created on Spotify for this exact reason like THIS ONE or


 - Don't try and dance perfectly, don't try to be cool - just dance all the emotion out.

 - Jump up and down, dance like a mad person, allow yourself to just feel free.

 - This is the quickest and most effective way to shake crappy feelings out of your system.


Stay aware of the negative things you say to yourself

or do to yourself.

 - Criticising yourself and putting yourself down is futile and stupid and needs to stop.

 - If you catch yourself doing it replace that thought with a compliment immediately.

 - Whenever you eat or drink anything, ask yourself, is this food or drink nourishing to my soul, to my heart and to my mind? 

 - It's the best diet in the world and it's called self love.

 - You know what is nourishing and loving to yourself and you know what isn't so just make the right choice.

 - The more you love yourself and nourish your body, mind, heart and soul with all these suggestions, the more miracles will happen and your life will be full of joy.

 - Simple as that!