Energy Healing Circle London


Spiritual gatherings to release blocks and invite positivity, peace and joy.

Come and join your kindred tribe; 

find a place where you truly belong

& can 100% be yourself. 

Together we will release what no longer serves us and welcome in what does.

Energy Healing London
Spiritual Tribe London

A healing circle is simply a group of people who sit together in a talking circle performing simple rituals to help release negativity and struggle, and manifest a positive and peaceful existence.

Throughout history different tribes and cultures have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom.

This sacred energy healing circle is a small gathering of like-minded individuals coming together regularly to meditate, focus on spiritual connection, authentic openness and living, energy clearing, removing blocks and manifesting desires.

Spiritual gatherings

I will hold and guide the energy healing circle with various spiritual techniques:

  • Guided meditation

  • Cleansing with sage and palo santo

  • Awakening heart

  • Listening with compassion

  • Vulnerability and honesty

  • Rituals for releasing negativity and for manifesting positivity peace and joy

  • Energy work

  • Transparent communication

  • Affirmations

  • Collective commitment

  • Soul coaching

Healing Circles
  • Let go of past ordeals, struggles or trauma that are affecting your life in the here and now.​

  • Stop feeling insecurity, and self doubt, and start feeling truly confident.

  • Stop caring so much about what other people think about you.

  • Explore your thoughts, beliefs, and fears, so that you learn to trust and believe in yourself.


  • Feel clearer about what you actually want from your life.

  • Work with a guide that doesn't just listen and nod their head, but offer you true guidance, tools and wisdom.

  • Discover who you are at your core; underneath your personality and ego.

  • Step more fully into your own light.

  • Clear your own energy blocks that hold you back.

  • Access your own intuition instead of always looking outward for answers.

Whether you are new to holistic healing and spirituality or have been on a spiritual path for years...

all are welcome and completely equal.


- Daniella S

I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful evening last night. It was so special and enjoyable and when I got home I felt like I was walking on air! The positivity and passion that you have is truly infectious! I would love to keep in touch with you and would definitely be interested in attending any other healing circles or events that you hold. Thanks again for being a little bit of glitter in the grey. ✨ Love, Daniella

Spiritual Teacher


Each and everyone of us has a life full of rituals. 

Rituals for our body, like brushing our teeth, running, soaking in a bath. 


Rituals for our mind like reading the paper, watching television, writing in a journal. 


But where are the rituals for our spirit and our soul? 


We have become so focused on our minds and bodies that we've forgotten the most essential part of ourselves, the deepest and most profound part of who we are.


Soul and spirit doesn’t have anything to do with religion and everything to do with who you really are deep inside. It’s the purest part of you that was born with nothing but innocence and light, that got covered up by a life time of conditioning.


Your background, parents, upbringing, education, career, ethnicity, religion, tastes, likes/dislikes, style. The list goes on and on.


True transformation and healing occurs when we peel all that conditioning back for a moment and do the work there. 

During my energy healing rituals I reconnect you to the very essence of who you are; dig under all the conditioning to the purest part of yourself, because if you make the changes there it instinctively and positively has an impact on every single part of your life. 


These rituals will transform your relationships; with friends, colleagues, family and most importantly yourself. The rituals impact your health, your career, the way you experience life, and the amount of extreme ridiculous happiness you can tap into.

The word 'ritual' may sound slightly scary, conjuring up images in your mind of taking extreme hallucinogens like Ayahausca or Iboga... but I can guarantee what I do is completely safe, legal, comforting, and nothing to be afraid of.


Everyone needs a tribe... everyone needs a sacred space shared with kindred spirits where we can truly be 100% ourselves. 


No pretension, no insecurity, no judgement, no holding back, no shame, no guilt.

A safe place with authentic trustworthy brothers & sisters where we can share our struggles, release our blocks and manifest our desires.

Come and experience an energy healing ritual gathering and you will understand and experience the power of ritual and the power of tribe.

You will be feel seen, held, supported, heard and understood like never before.

You will leave feeling like you're now protected, guided and looked after by something much greater than yourself. 


You will feel connected to your heart and soul, and you walk on air for days after. 

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Spiritual Tribe London


Energy healing circles were held at my home

in Wimbledon, South West London.


Due to current circumstances I am holding space online via Zoom.

The circle is usually from 7pm to 9pm and costs £33 per person.

What to expect - Burning sage, guided meditations, releasing and manifesting rituals, crystals, nibbles and refreshments, and a goodie envelope full of magic to take away with you. 


Each gathering will have a theme such as the ones listed below.

Feel free to email me if you have more questions.