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Marmadeolis, Instagram

“One of the most eloquent, inclusive and REAL perspectives to cross my path in a very long time… I love your soul and your moxie. Your devotion and undiluted faith make me sure awe are kindred spirits. Rare and delightful it is to read of such loving energy for our Precious maker. Thank you! Long live your voice and those of others in love with the oneness! Light, 💎 Peace✌🏿Love 🦋"


Sillysara, Instagram

“Your words are literally Saving my life and helping me to make better choices and be kinder to myself."


Jes, Instagram

“I came across this wonderful person not that long ago that can somehow put into words how I’ve felt and how I still occasionally fear about having had cancer. She is amazing. She gets it because she’s been through it. She’s inspired me to go through with what I’ve wanted to do for a while but I’ve just been too scared to do it. She reminds me with every post she makes that I’m not alone and how I feel is valid. The struggle I went through and still go through is okay and at some point someone else has gone through it. She’s helped me in ways I can’t begin to explain and I’m so thankful and grateful for her page/posts. I hope to one day inspire and help others like you do @sexcancerrocknroll you’re amazing #cancermisfit