You're feeling good and that's bloody amazing!!!!

But what you gonna do with all that happy feeling?


Keep it all to yourself?


I hope not.

I've got a mission for you, the question is are you brave & bothered enough to take it on?

Go and buy a packet of post it notes, and on each one write something that will spread happiness.




Don't give up, you are doing a brilliant job.


Your dream will come true, just keep moving forward.


I believe in you even if you don’t.

You might be having a shit day, but tomorrow will be better.


Now take that pile of post it notes and wherever you go leave one somewhere for someone to find.


On a carton of milk in the supermarket, on the back of the toilet door in the pub, on the menu at a restaurant for the next customer to find, on a bus seat, a lamp post, on the mirror in the bathroom of some snazzy bar. You get the gist of it.

Don't keep that happy feeling all to yourself, it's time to go out and spread a little love!