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Sounds small and trivial, but a daily gratitude list can literally change your life.  It ensures that you take a few moments to focus on all that you already have instead of the things that you lack.

I'm not going to lie to you or offer you false promises... so I'll tell you right now that writing one gratitude list, or doing it for a week, is not going to bring about profound changes in your life or bring you the happiness and peace you so long for.




I can honestly tell you that simply by writing a gratitude list each and every day (no matter what) from now until the end of time will completely alter the course of your life.


I started writing a gratitude list over five years ago, and to this day, every night before I go to bed, I still write one. Because of that the miracles and happiness keep flowing into my life.

What have you got to lose? It'll literally take two minutes out of your precious day!

Download the free template below and get started.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to identify things that you are grateful for.

 - Who do you love?


 - Who did you meet or what did you learn today?


 - Who can you count on?

 - What makes you happy? A pet? A particular tv show? A gym work out?

 - What do you enjoy? Waking up to sunshine, a bubble bath?

 - What do you take for granted? Running water, food in the fridge, heating and a roof over your head?

 - What relaxes you? Music? Maybe a particular artist or band? Yoga? A sneaky little snooze in the afternoon?

 - What is your favourite memory?


 - Your last family vacation?


 - The party you went to last month?


 - What is your favourite food?


 - What is your favourite item of clothing?


 - What have you accomplished? Tidying up a drawer, taking out the rubbish, finishing a chore of work assignment?


 - What are your good qualities? Your optimism, your strength, your humour?


 - What are your hobbies?

 - Who inspires you? An actor, a writer, an activist?


 - What movies do you like or did you recently watch and enjoy?


 - What books did you enjoy or are you reading and loving right now?


 - What songs do you love?


 - What have you learned today?



It's not so hard to think of things

you're grateful for!

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