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I wanted to share with you a nugget of wisdom that has literally changed my life.

I used to be very critical of myself; the voice in my head would constantly tell me how I wasn't good enough, or that I would always fail, or that I wasn't worthy of being truly happy... to name but a few.

We all have that inner critic living inside our heads, it's just the stories we hear that are different.

So what does your inner critic tell you?

You're too fat?  Stupid? Damaged? You're going to embarrass yourself? No one will like you? You'll never get the job so why even bother trying? All of the above?!?

What if I told you that inner critic voice in your head has been lying to you this whole time? That for your whole life you've been believing negative crap that simply was never true?

That's pretty big and important information if you ask me!

The mistake we make is thinking that negative and destructive inner critic voice we hear in our head is us BUT the voice that beats you up and puts you down is most definitely not you!

Think about it for a second, why on earth would you be so mean to yourself all the time?

It makes no sense!

That voice you've been listening to this whole time is not you, it's the ego and you are not the ego!

The ego may reside in you, but it isn't you, and once you get your head around that concept you will set yourself free.

You will be free because every time you hear the negative criticism start going off in your head, you'll immediately know that's not actually how you're feeling or thinking... it's just what the ego wants to hoodwink you into believing!

But once you know what the ego is up to it can't hoodwink you anymore!

I explain it a lot better in my video below...

How to get your inner critic to shut up!

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