Happiness Coach

  Signs You Need A Happiness Coach

Happiness feels like it should be a simple state of being to achieve, but for many of us, it's anything but. If your mind has become stuck in negative thought patterns due to trauma and hard situations over the years, it's natural to need some help to be happy. The good news: I can help you to retrain your brain to get into a cycle of happy thoughts, rather than in a cycle of self deprecating, negative thoughts. While learning to be happy can take some practice, I'm here to work with you through holistic mindfulness coaching to help you get your brain moving through thought patterns that will improve your life.

Check out these signs that you may benefit from sessions with a happiness coach:

  • No matter how often you try to think positively, you find yourself going down a spiral of negative thinking.

  • When people give you compliments, you have a hard time believing them, or you feel embarrassed that they've noticed you.

  • While you used to enjoy spending time with others, you find yourself feeling nervous about interacting with strangers and friends.

  • You tend to engage in catastrophic thinking. For example, you see an attractive person, and while you want to approach them, you never do, as you're already thinking about how they may reject you.


If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you could benefit from working with a happiness coach. I'd love to talk with you and show you how wonderful your life can be. Reach out to me today to learn more about my openings for holistic mindfulness coaching.