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Creative Content 
specialist, copywriter  and
creative conceptualist.

Saskia Lightstar

This is me

I am a creative wordsmith with an endless imagination; full to the brim with new ideas.

I have my own unique voice, but I'm also a chameleon that can take a brand’s tone of voice and make it my own. I love to work for socially conscious businesses, non-profits, new emerging tech companies that are trying to change the world in a positive and profound way, and soloprenuers who have big hearts and big dreams.

 “The human spirit’s unquenchable drive for originality and compulsion for creating art is the compelling force of our humanity.” 
― Kilroy J. Oldster

Creative Brainstorming for Pitches

 Copywriting  Content Creation
Blog Writing

 Brand Development & Personality   

Editing & Proofreading   Ghostwriting

Social Media &  Out Of The Box Thinking


I was born with the gift of words & a wild imagination

I am bursting with so many ideas that I never run out, I have so much creativity living within me that I'm constantly able to offer my clients a fresh perspective, and dedicated heart driven work.

I have a passion to create what hasn't yet been created; to forge a new path instead of following everybody else.  and I truly love what I do... so let me help you find the right words and the right ideas to make your business soar.

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