How to live the happiest chapter of your life


cancer treatment

"Those of us who have been through cancer, 

know that the treatment is not where the journey ends,

in fact for many of us that is when the most difficult

part of the journey begins."

I am here to help you navigate life AFTER treatment. 


Contrary to what you may currently believe, your best life, and most beautiful self, were not the person you were before the cancer diagnosis, but the person you are today. 


You have become even more beautiful, incredible and powerful because of the trauma you went through, and the greatest chapter of your life is yet to come.

Support and Guidance

for Life AFTER Cancer Treatment

When we're first diagnosed, we have no choice but to do whatever we have to not to die. Everything we are just stops, and our focus becomes cancer and only cancer. But then the treatment stops and some of us struggle to move on. We feel like we’ve been left in limbo; stuck in a no man’s land between who we used to be before the diagnosis and who we are today. 


The doctor tells us the treatment's over and we can go back to normal, except the normal we remember has gone forever.


We are the Cancer Misfits; we are the survivors who feel profoundly different as a consequence of what we went through.


The ones that struggle with what comes next; with finding peace, happiness and confidence AFTER cancer treatment.


The ones that used to be square pegs that fit neatly in the square hole of life, but now feel like we don’t fit anywhere.

Don't give up hope, this is the beginning of the rest of your life.

I offer a safe place for cancer survivors who feel lost, misunderstood, confused or alone after treatment. 


I have all the tools and guidance you need to truly move on with your life, and experience a new found happiness and freedom that you never imagined was possible after going through cancer.


In order to truly move on you must learn to let go of the person you used to be; stop trying to go back to a normal that is no longer there and learn to accept and love who you are now.


I can help you let go of what was, and to embrace what is and what will be.

I can help you accept and understand that through the cancer journey, while you were so focused on staying alive, a transformation was taking place deep within you. I'll introduce you to the person you have become and show you the way to embrace your new life, and live your greatest chapter yet. 





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