I am here as an escort, to guide you on the journey to your soul 

so you can finally get to know your true self,

let go of all the negativity once and for all, 

and finally discover how truly amazing your life can be.


I'm here to walk with you, side by side,

to show you the way to venture deep within

to the parts of yourself you didn't even know were there.

I cannot heal you, save you or fix you because

YOU ARE NOT damaged, lost or broken.

You have just lost your way and I am here

to help you find your way back.

I will show you how to nurture your own mind, heart, body and soul, how to stand in your truth & embody who you are truly meant to be, and let go of your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging ways.


Together we can strip away the layers of conditioning, limitation, fear, doubt, guilt, and shame

so you can finally spread your beautiful wings and fly.


I have a toolbox full of different practises and methods

such as guided meditation, creative visualisation, and mirror work. 

 I am a qualified CPCAB integrated life coach and counsellor, and an ordained spiritual teacher, so rest assured you are in safe hands if you decide to work with me.


Tools, methods and exercises

that you will learn.


Creative visualisation

Vision boards

Releasing and manifesting rituals 

The law of attraction

Mirror work

The power of positive affirmations

Gratitude and creating abundance 

The power of choice

How to deal with negative emotions

Tools to break through limiting beliefs


What results can I expect

from working with you?

 - Have big breakthroughs and ah ha moments.

 - Have a solid foundation of peace and serenity in your day to day life.

 - Connect to the purest part of yourself and realise what an incredible human being you actually are.

 - Develop more compassion for yourself and those around you.

 - Create deep intimacy and meaning in your personal relationships

 - Learn how to truly love yourself, self nurture and self heal.

 - Learn how to put down boundaries and say no without the guilt and shame.

 - Get rid of the guilt & shame.

 - Learn how to tell your inner critic to shut up!

 - Be more open and honest in your communication.

 - Have more ease and grace in your life

 - Truly love the version of yourself that shows up to play this game called life


 - Find your happiness.


 - Forgive yourself and others, and find more peace and joy as a consequence.

 - Watch your best life unfold with ease.

 - How to see your relationships as mirrors and open channels for transformation.

 - Connect with your intuition and inner guidance.

 - Understand how your soul is awakening and developing.

 - End the drama cycles and patterns.

 - Raise your self-esteem and self confidence.

 - Rewrite your story.

 - Open your heart and expand into your true being.

Do I have to live close by

 in order to work with you?

- I have clients from many different places in the world,

so your geographical location makes no difference

to the work we can do together.

 - One on one sessions are done online; I am happy to work with whatever works for you - WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom etc.



- If any of my services interest you, simply book a free 25 minute consultation with me here

- I offer a free 25 minute consultation so you have a chance to get to know me and how I work, and we can both see if

I am a good fit for you.

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