We all need someone who’s got our back, someone who really understands.


Yes it’s amazing to have family and friends who love and support you…but they haven’t been through cancer.


Knowing you have kindred spirits out there in the world, no matter if they are around the corner or across the globe changes everything. 


Just to know someone understands exactly what you are going through, instantly makes you less alone. 


So I’ve started ‘Kindred Spirits’ a page to celebrate the beautiful kindred souls I meet along my journey. Each one of these kindred spirits is beautiful inside and out, and has something wonderful to offer the world.


And if you resonate with one of them then reach out and make contact, you never know it could be the beginning of a magical friendship.


The way to happiness is to share happiness, the way to love is to spread love, the way to receive more is to give more, the way to connect is to reach out and the way to succeed is help others reach their dreams.


So let’s help each other be the very best version of ourselves we can be, and make all our dreams come true.

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