A 90 DAY 






The first online course of its kind, offering all the tools and guidance you need to be be happy, confident and at peace after cancer treatment.

Whether you finished weeks, months or years ago, it takes time to heal after the trauma of treatment.

This course will show you how to...

 - Finally put the experience of cancer treatment behind you.

 - Move on from the past and who you were before your diagnosis.

 - Stop worrying about the future.

 - Deal with body issues.

 - Have more confidence and self worth than you even had before treatment.

 - Truly embrace and learn to love who you are today.

 - No longer allow cancer to define who you are.

 - No longer live in the fear of reoccurrence or death.

 - Alleviate the physical struggles and after effects of treatment.

 - Be the happiest you have ever been and live the greatest chapter of your life so far.


A 90 day online program

you can do from the privacy of your own home.


There is also the added option of weekly one on one online coaching with me via Zoom, if you feel you need that extra help & support.

This program will help you come to terms with what you’ve been through, overcome the blocks that are stopping you from truly moving on with your life, and guide you to becoming truly happy.

Just because you've been through cancer treatment does not mean you have to drag the experience with you wherever you go for the rest of your life.

Testimonial from Christina

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Saskia’s 'Life after treatment' program

as the golden path back to discovering  your new self after cancer. 

I was in an extremely low state,  feeling wounded, weary and isolated at the end of my treatment.

 I desperately needed to be lifted from that dark space .

I needed support moving forward to lift me out of my depressed funk .

Going through the modules, I gained practical positive and fun strategies that bought me back to life .

This course gave me opportunity to take action and guided me to believe in myself again.

Saskia is such a positive soul beaming with love and kindness and through her coaching sessions some of that sparkle rubs off onto you. She has been such a positive influence who has inspired me to move forward with confidence and positivity. My own personal cheer leader supporting and motivating me to take positive steps on my personal journey to recovery.  


The techniques in the course and coaching sessions where effective, fun and gently guided me to think of things differently and grow in a way that has made me feel empowered and at peace. 

Thank-you for helping me find compassion for my self and accept and honour who I am . I thank the universe for finding you and your life changing  course . I am whole ❤️


   - You feel broken or damaged as a consequence of going through treatment.

 - You worry all the time that the cancer may come back, or you still have cancer and live with the constant fear of death.

 - You have body confidence issues as a consequence of treatment.

 - You believe you can never be truly happy again after what you have been through.

 - You feel like you were diagnosed with cancer as one person, but by the time you finished treatment you felt like somebody else.


 - You feel like you don’t compare to the person you were before the diagnosis.


 - You feel like you no longer fit in to your life the way you used to.


 - You feel like your friends and family don't understand how it feels to survive cancer treatment only to struggle with life afterwards.


 - You feel guilt and shame because you aren’t happier.


 - You've been suffering in silence because you don’t want to be a burden to friends and family anymore than you already have.




I am a qualified CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body)   integrated life coach/counsellor and a spiritual teacher, but most importantly I am a cancer survivor, so I know and understand how hard it can be to make sense of your life after going through treatment.  

It took me nearly three years after my treatment to truly put the experience behind me, and stop defining myself as just a cancer survivor.


I found a way to let go and move on, I found a place of profound peace and joy after my cancer treatment experience, and on this program I show you how I got there.




- Understanding the magnitude of what you went through and the impact this has had on every aspect of who you are, including your mind, heart, body and spirit.


- Discovering the real reasons why you aren’t dancing for joy, and are finding it so difficult to ‘go back’ to your life after treatment.


- Overcoming the fear of moving on.


- Letting go of the old you so you can see the amazing person you have become.


- Learning how to master true self- love, self-acceptance and



- How to cope with the after effects of cancer.


- Tools to release dark thoughts and feelings.


- Everything you need in order to find happiness and keep happiness for the rest of your life.


 - You will feel a lightness, like a rock has been lifted from your shoulders; the weight of your cancer ordeal will be lifted and no longer weigh you down and keep you stuck.

 - You will finally deal with, and release, all the trauma so you can move on once and for all.

 - Your fear and anxiety will dissipate and calm will start to set in.

 - You will realise you are not at the mercy of cancer, and that you can live a life completely free of what you went through.

 - You will dare to reach for your dreams and believe anything is possible.

 - You'll reach a place of self acceptance, understanding yourself so much better and loving the person you have become.

 - You'll feel empowered and be excited about what lies ahead.


 - You'll learn how to truly appreciate the here and now.


 - You will experience big breakthroughs and aha moments; removing blocks and negative thinking and behaviour you have struggled with your whole life.

 - You'll start feeling excited about life and all it has to offer.

 - You will have all the tools you need to handle whatever life throws at you like fear, reoccurrence, self doubt or anxiety.

 - You'll feel the health benefits of learning to live a stress-free and happy existence.

 - You will have all the tools necessary to quieten your inner critic so you no longer beat yourself up or put yourself down.

 - Your relationships with friends, family and work colleagues, will transform and benefit immensely.

 - There will be so much more peace and serenity in your day to day existence.

 - Your self esteem and self confidence will be higher than ever before.

 - You will start living the greatest chapter of your life so far.


OPTION ONE: 90 day online program and one on one weekly coaching with me via Zoom.

 - 9 one on one video coaching calls with me.

 - Weekly video tutorials, exercises, guided meditations and downloads.

 - Text and email support throughout the program.

The investment is  -£980/$1,200

I know that's a lot of money, and not a decision to be taken lightly and that is why I’m not asking you to commit to this blindly. Schedule a call with me and make 100% sure this is the right course for you. 

OPTION TWO: 90 day online program only without one on one coaching option.

 - Weekly video tutorials, exercises, guided meditations and free downloads.


 - Text and email support throughout the program.

The investment is  -£250/$325

Schedule a call with me today, or if you already know this is the right course for you, then follow your gut, commit right now and let's get started...

Free Consultation For Cancer Survivors
25 min

I absolutely assure you that I am the best at what I do.

I can help you to love and accept yourself,

and reach a place of profound happiness and peace. 

I know this because I have already helped hundreds of survivors

make the same beautiful journey.


I thought once breast cancer treatment was over I could just pick up where I left off, but that could not have been further from the truth.


There was nothing to pick up.


The person I once was had gone and been replaced with a new me that I hardly recognised.


This realisation made me incredible fearful and as a consequence I couldn’t put the experience of the cancer treatment behind me and move on.

It took me several years to get my life back on track, but it doesn’t have to take you that long; because with what I learnt and what I now know you can be back on track within a few months. 

In my online course I share with you the path I took to reach a happiness, confidence and peace that I never even knew existed. 

I've never been happier in my whole life, not even before the cancer and I believe you deserve the same kind of happiness.


"Saskia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our sessions. With her amazing down to earth approach she has been able to guide me to where I want to be.  She has supported me in an uniquely empathetic, spiritual, healing journey.  If you are not sure of what your looking for then Saskia’s guidance/coaching is all you need.  Looking forward to continuing our journey and can not thank you enough for your truly gifted insight."

Liz A.

“Thanks for your honest words and for trying to bring this to light. Life After Cancer is a total mind f*ck. When everyone around you in jumping for joy and elated that it’s “all over” in my head I felt like the actual trauma of it all had only just began.”


“I came across this wonderful person not that long ago that can somehow put into words how I’ve felt and how I still occasionally fear about having had cancer. She is amazing. She gets it because she’s been through it. She’s inspired me to go through with what I’ve wanted to do for 

a while but I’ve just been too scared to do it.”


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