Life After Cancer Treatment

  Life After Cancer Treatment: What To Expect

You've made it through cancer treatment: what now? It can be hard to know what to expect from life after cancer treatment. Many cancer support groups work to get you through the treatment; the chemo and radiation etc, but few focus on post cancer treatment support. In my cancer survivorship course, we work to deal with the many emotions that come with life after cancer treatment.

After you've made it through your cancer treatment, here are some of the issues you may experience:

  • Anxiety. You've managed to beat cancer, but what if it comes back? The fear of having to go through treatment again or dying from cancer can make it hard to enjoy the life you so desperately hoped you would get to experience.

  • Depression. Going through cancer treatment can wreak havoc on your relationships with family and friends. You may have found that the people you thought would support you backed out of your life when they found out you were sick. This can lead to negative thinking and depression.

  • Loneliness. While you were going through treatment, it's likely that people flocked to you to see how you were holding up. After you've made it through treatment, this support may seem to disappear. It can be hard to suddenly be alone after being shown so much attention and care as you were dealing with cancer.       

While these emotions are normal, they can be hard to handle. You are not alone. You need post cancer treatment support with others who have been where you are. Reach out to me today to learn more about my life after cancer treatment support - I can help you through this difficult time with understanding and compassion.