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 Unlearn  what ​you believe, so you can finally
 connect   to the truth of who you are, and fall madly in love with your life.


You can be happy in your life right now.


I can help you learn how to connect to yourself; so you can finally be happy in your skin, happy being exactly who you are, and happy living the life you're living. Because once you master the art of self-connection, self-love and profound self-acceptance - then you can call in all the other wonderful things that you long for.



Sammy H

Saskia has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. From relationship problems, childhood traumas, work problems or when I just feel a bit lost. 

She guides me through and helps me see different perspectives, ways of dealing with stress or worries and bad feelings. Without her I wouldn't be where I am and that's a fact, she's helped me build my confidence and see life in a completely different way. She is an incredible life coach and I highly recommend her, we all struggle with things and need some extra help. I'm so grateful I found her and will never let her go.

Daniela S

Saskia is a remarkable woman who has helped me immeasurably. Her positivity, wisdom and empathy made me feel instantly comfortable and we connected on a level that I have struggled to find with others. I can honestly say that I got more out of a few hours with Saskia, than all the conventional counselling. Saskia helped me find practical ways of dealing with my emotions and moving forward. She is truly gifted at what she does and I am so grateful to have found her.

Sarah P

I was having trouble with self doubt and what they call 'imposter syndrome'. So I booked a ritual with Saskia to help clear some of this bad energy. The ritual was powerful and resonated deeply. The words were just what I needed to hear. Saskia holds a great space to release and let go. In the weeks after I would always refer back to the ritual if the feeling returned until it fully left me and now I no longer get the feeling and I'm forever grateful. Thanks Sas X.


- Finding peace in your life exactly the way it is. 

- Allowing yourself to feel shit but not getting stuck in a bucket of it. 

- Fully believing in yourself.


- Being you bravely.

- Falling in love with your own company. 

- Looking in the mirror and loving what you see. 

- Understanding why you do the things you do.

- Accepting yourself exactly the way you are.

- Trusting your gut more than other people’s opinion. 

- Putting down boundaries, and saying no, with loving kindness. 

-  Saying yes, when you feel afraid and want to say no.

- Understanding the difference between selfish and self love.

- Spending more time connected to the present moment. 

-  Letting go of the past. 

- No longer fearing the future.

And the list goes on...

Falling in love with
is the
greatest love story
of your life.


I spent my entire life being disconnected  from myself.

I was always hard on myself; judging myself, criticizing myself, putting myself down and beating myself up..


I never felt good enough or worthy enough.


I never felt enough.

I struggled with guilt, shame, anxiety and fear, and had an emptiness inside me that nothing, and no one, could fill.


But then I learnt how to fill that void inside of me with unconditional love for myself.

I learnt to fully love, understand and accept myself exactly the way I am - even my 'broken' parts. And slowly but surely I began to heal.


Healing yourself from the inside out is possible, and all you need is an open mind and the willingness to change.

Saskia Lightstar

What you can expect if you start working with me...

  Silence the inner critic. 

 Dissolve insecurity. 

 Fully understand & accept yourself.
 Release the past. 

 Stop worrying about the future. 

 Heal your wounded parts. 

 Be in harmony & flow with your life. 

 Fall head over heels with who you are. 

 Transform yourself from the inside out. 


I'm a combination
of a life coach
& a spiritual guide.


I'm also  a CPCAB certified integrated life coach/counsellor, studied spiritual ministry for two years and am an intuitive healer.

I combine the traditional methods of life coaching with the holistic methods of spirituality; using a variety of different techniques to show you how to deeply connect to yourself and transform your life.

  •   Creative visualisation

  •   Guided meditation 

  •   Affirmation audio journeys

  •   Mirror work

  •   Embodied movement

  •   Self love practises

  •   Gratitude and affirmation work 

  •   Intuitive healing

  •   Releasing & manifesting rituals 

  •  And more




Initial consultation - £40

Hour session - £60

Purchase 10 sessions in advance get one free.

I offer WhatsApp support between sessions so you have help available if and when you should need it.

Sessions on Zoom, or in person walking in the forest.

I don’t follow a specific model of counseling or coaching, even though I am trained and certified. Convention insists that 'therapy' should have strict boundaries; that a client and therapist shouldn't develop too deep a connection, but I believe that’s an integral part of your self healing journey. By working with someone you trust and feel a connection with, you delve deeper into yourself and feel brave enough to do the work needed to live the life you want.


My clients trust me because I'm their friend; they trust me because I genuinely care about their self healing process. I care because I’ve been where you are; I know it, I’ve lived it and I’ve felt it. And because I know exactly where you are and what you're struggling with, I can help you through it, heal it and overcome it.


Work with me and transform your life.



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