How to create a

Morning Spiritual Practise.

How you wake up

defines the rest of your day.


How you wake up each morning is so important, important to everything in your life.

The attitude and emotions you start with are carried with you the rest of the day, they influence everything you do, every decision you make, every person you meet...everything in your life.

So here is a list of ideas to transform your life, simply integrate a few of these things into a morning spiritual practise and see the difference it makes.



Just ten minutes of meditation first thing when you wake up can profoundly transform the rest of your day. And it doesn't matter if you have never meditated before, there are apps to teach and guide you. 



Sounds ridiculously simple but by reading an inspirational paragraph from a spiritual book you can make a huge difference to your outlook for the rest of the day. Just start reading something encouraging, insightful and uplifting each morning. It will raise your vibration and put you in the right mood.  


Positive Affirmations

I keep a hand mirror by my bed purely so, every morning, I can say positive affirmations whilst lovingly looking into my eyes. Sounds weird and wacky but this exercise alone has literally transformed my life. Try it and you will be amazed. 



Waking up and starting your day thankful sprinkles happy dust over everything...fact! Before you get out of bed simply write a list of everything you are grateful for. Louise Hay would wake up and thank her bed out loud every morning for a god night's sleep.

I use the app below every single day as it enables me to dwell in the positives instead of getting wrapped up in the bad stuff. 

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