How to stop saying "but"

"But" of my least favourite words!

A lot of the time the small, and seemingly insignificant, little word ‘BUT’ can cause havoc.

It can very easily steal the beauty of what came before it in a sentence.

“I’m sorry but…”

What was a beautiful gesture, an apology, becomes something else when BUT gets involved.

The apology is no longer a genuine request for forgiveness because the word ‘BUT’ was included.

BUT justifies, when most of the time the honourable thing to do is just own your shit, and not then point out somebody else’s.

“Yes I did scream at you, BUT you provoked me.”

And ‘BUT’ often prevents us from moving on.

“But you did this to me”

“But they did that to you”

“But it wasn’t fair”

It prevents us from just letting go of what was, so we can focus on the perfection and stillness of what is, right now.

And ‘BUT’ is often used as a way to talk us out of taking risks and chasing our dreams.

“But what if this happens”

“But what if that happens?”

And I respond by saying,

“So what, if this or that does happen?

I’ll handle it when I’m there in that moment, BUT right now I’m focused here on this moment.”

Don’t get me wrong, “BUT” isn’t always bad.

(Not like the word beige which is always a negative through my neon technicolour eyes)

‘BUT’ can be a force for good, a word to bring about positivity, if used with caution and wisdom.

BUT if it’s used negatively it can reap havoc and cause mass destruction.

So maybe take a moment to ponder this.

And from now on try and use the word ‘BUT’ more consciously, thoughtfully and wisely.

Peace out ✌️

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