A chance encounter is never really a chance encounter.

It’s a deliberate moment for you to learn and for you to teach.

Sounds heavy, but let me explain.

The most seemingly superficial of encounters can be where we learn the most important lessons.

A simple, casual encounter is where so much wisdom, growth and insight lies.

But we don’t notice.

We choose not to pay attention.

We save our focus for work, business meetings, for webinars, and online courses.

But what about the chance meetings we experience nearly every single day?

Those are the true classes of life where we learn the most.

A ‘chance’ encounter of two strangers in an elevator.

The ‘coincidence’ of two people reaching for the same bottle of wine in the supermarket.

The ‘spontaneity’ of two people walking to the train station together after being in the same meeting.

None of these are chance encounters.

Each one has the potential for you to learn something or teach something is you so choose.

Perhaps it’s just a simple smile from two strangers in an elevator.

Perhaps it’s the generosity of letting that stranger have the last bottle of that particular wine on the shelf.

Perhaps the two people heading to the station after the same meeting will end up being firm friends.

‘Even at the level of the most casual encounter, it is possible for two people to lose sight of separate interests, if only for a moment.’ - ACIM

And that moment is enough.

To learn, to grow, to blossom.

Maybe just think about it?

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