A tough weekend

This weekend was really hard for me; full of self doubt and thoughts of throwing the towel in because I will never amount to anything.

I was doing so great, floating on top of the world, buzzing from all my gratitude and good fortune.

Then overnight negativity decided to pay me a visit, while I was asleep it snuck quietly into my head.

Now I can’t seem to get it out of there. It’s blocked itself in; barricaded itself with anxiety and fear as protection.

What’s the lesson here?

That the darkness will come no matter how much sunshine you have in your life.

You could live on the most idyllic desert island, where the weather is perfect all year round; but tropical storms will still visit that island once in a while.

It’s not about abolishing the bad days altogether, that would be naïve and impossible I’m afraid.

It’s about learning the tools to ride out the storm until the sun starts shining again.

It’s about knowing you’re not a bad person, or less than, just because you trip and fall into a big puddle of muddy brown negative thinking.

It’s about making the decision not to wallow in it, otherwise that muddy brown negative thinking will dry and go all crusty, and it’ll be a real challenge to get it off.

Rather take a spiritual shower and let that stinky negative thinking drain straight down the plughole.

Literally that is what I sometimes do…creative visualisation can truly work wonders. I get in the shower and when I wash myself I imagine washing off all the negativity, and consciously focus on it draining away and disappearing.

Then after my shower I lovingly rub lotion all over my body, and imagine this is magic potion lotion, infused with faith, confidence, hope, inspiration, peace and all the other good positive stuff.

I most definitely need one of those showers this evening!!!

What do you do to get yourself out of a bad day?

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