Addicted to self help!

Some people like mysteries, some like autobiographies and others modern fiction…but spiritual and self help books have always been my thing.

I don’t read them because I need to fix myself, and I don’t read them because I’m lost…


Now I read them because I have found my way to pure light and pure love and I want to stay there.

As Marianne Williamson says time and time again, you don’t stop exercising when you reach your ideal weight, so why stop spiritually exercising when you’ve reached your ideal happiness?

If you want to stay your ideal weight you need to continue working out to maintain it, and your spiritual life is no different.

If you want to be happy and stay happy, then you commit and stay committed.

That’s the only way it’s going to work.

And your spiritual life is not straight and narrow line; it’s wide and a curvy… that’s what makes it so wonderful.

Each book I read enlightens me to something new, and my spiritual growth changes course slightly.

Who I was spiritually and what I believed in last year, is not who I am today.

Don’t get me wrong, my core spiritual foundation remains the same and always will; love and light baby, love and light.

But the way I maintain this changes, my practises evolve, I am always willing to be taught and guided to something new.

Spiritual authors are lanterns of love that guide us from darkness to clear blue skies, and then continue to bask us in beautiful sunshine.

And one day I WILL be one of those spiritual authors.

So tell me lovely friends, what books are you reading? Got any recommendations for me?





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