‘As you think, so you are. Think the very best, and you will draw the very best to you.’

‘When you refuse to see the best in yourself and choose to dwell on all the negative within you, you must be willing to accept the consequences, for you draw to you what you hold in your thoughts.’ – Eileen Caddy

Isn’t that incredible??? To realise just how easy it is to attract joy, peace and love into your life!

You control what comes into your life; you have the choice between positive thoughts and stinking thinking.

In those moments when you belittle yourself, or see the worst in the world, or dwell on what you do not have…you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Why on earth would you want to draw that kind of negativity into your life? Is that really what you want more of? I think not.

So why manifest pain and fear when you can just as easily manifest joy and love?


From this very second make the choice to do things differently, to think things differently.

Every time you have a negative thought catch yourself, and remember if you continue down that path of thinking then it is those negative thoughts you are drawing into your life. And then think the opposite…no matter how absurd, uncomfortable and unfamiliar it feels.

Change “I look fat in this.” To “I am beautiful.”

Change “I am running out of money.” To “I have an ever increasing income.”

Change “I am messing up my life.” To “I grow and learn in amazing ways every day.”

Even if you don’t believe the positive version, swap it around and think it anyway!

If you want it think it, and if you don’t then banish it from your thoughts.

If you want help then share your negative thought here and I’ll translate it into a positive version for you. Please do reach out and connect with me...connection is what love is all about

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