Be careful what you say...

Updated: Jul 11

the Universe can hear you.

I’m not saying this to scare you.

I’m saying this to love you.

I’m warning you.

And I’m reminding me.

We’ve become a culture of complainers.

And we don’t even do it because we mean it.

It’s just become a way of making conversation.

Complaining, criticising, judging and bemoaning has become a form of idle chit chat.

And this has got to stop.

I find myself doing it without even realising it.

Now that’s scary.

If I can’t think of anything positive and uplifting to say.

I’d rather stand in awkward silence with nothing to say at all.

We poison our lives with our moans and our groans.

We bring ourselves joy, abundance and prosperity when we speak with words of love, positivity, hope and faith.

I don’t know about you but I want to make more of the latter.

So I need to catch myself time and time again.

I need to trust my soul.

If something I’m saying doesn’t feel right inside than I must stop saying it.

I need to put out more of what I want to come in to my life.

So next time we meet, and we stop for a chat.

If you hear me bitching or moaning.

Please give me a big loving hug.

And tell me I’m doing it again!

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