Breathe in the present, breathe out the past.

You don’t have to hold on to what was before.

It serves you no purpose.

Today is all there is.

Right here, right now.

Every new day is a rebirth, a chance to live again.

Don’t drag the old into this new day.

Don’t tarnish the clean white page with memories of a yesterday that no longer exists.

Someone wronged you?

So what?

Holding on to it harms you, not them.

Let it go.

By holding onto a resentment, hate, distrust, disappointment, mistake, regret etc you only keep yourself in pain.

Why keep hurting yourself?

What do you gain by holding on so tightly?

Consciously make the choice to just let go.

I make it sound easy.

Because it is.

It’s about choice, so stop making the wrong one.

Think of the things from the past that you’re still holding onto.

Left them to the sky and let them go.

Watch them rise until they disappear from view.

Cut the cords that keep you tied to a place that has already gone.

Do this and see how everything else around you will transform.

The way you feel about yourself will change.

Your life will change.

All for your greater good.

So breath out the past.

And never look back.

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