Can we talk envy and jealousy please?

Would you mind?

Can I suggest that we obliterate those two words from our vocabulary altogether?

Wipe them out of all dictionaries so they no longer exist.

Envy + jealousy = Total waste of time.

Envy + jealousy + Sure way to misery.

Envy + jealousy = FEAR

So when you watch an insta story.

And someone else’s life makes envy and jealousy crawl up your throat.

Or kick around in your stomach.

Or bounce about in your brain.



And immediately send that person love from your heart.

Yup, cheesy.

Do it anyway!

Thank the universe for all the blessings that person has going on.

Don’t envy them.

Be happy for them.

Even if it feels disingenuous.

Fake it.

Just send out positive vibes.

Because then.

And only then.

Will those positive vibes be bestowed upon you.

Envy and jealousy is the surest way you’ll never get what they’ve got.

But loving them and loving all the good luck they’ve got.

The consequence of that will blow you away.

We can all change.

We can all choose to do things differently.

Want to be a better version of ourselves.

To be good people.

Supporting, uplifting and celebrating each others happiness.

I guarantee if you start doing this from today.

Miracles will start happening in your life.

So no more envy and jealousy.


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