Cancer changes you forever.

It isn’t something you go through, overcome and move on from altogether.

It fundamentally changes you forever.

Changes you at your very core.

Changes you at your very essence.

To have to associate those six letters with yourself.


That is life altering.

And life altering doesn’t have to be bad.

Life altering can be profound and beautiful.

I love the way my life has been altered as a consequence of cancer.

I didn’t always feel that way.

I didn’t feel like that when i was bald with a chemo needle in my vein.

It’s a journey.

Life after cancer treatment is a journey in discovering who you have become as a consequence of enduring such a trauma.

You realise your life has been altered.

And you start to discover how.

The changes can be different for each of us.

But each of us in some way changes.

Don’t expect to go through treatment and then be able to go back to exactly who you were before cancer.

That won’t happen.

Because after cancer that person is no more.

So embrace the change.

Because that change could actually be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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