Cancer defined me.

After going through something like that it sticks.

For those who have been fortunate enough not to have been diagnosed with cancer.

This is something you may not know.

A survivor does not just finish treatment and move on with their life.

For a long time we drag the word cancer around with us on a long heavy chain wherever we go.

Cancer becomes part of our identity.

Saskia, British, Female, Writer, Spiritual, Cancer Survivor.

It’s bullshit.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

That’s why I’m writing my book and why Hay House are publishing it in 2020.

I carried the huge jagged rock of cancer on my shoulders for way too many years after cancer treatment.

It was so heavy, weighed me down so much, that I couldn’t step into my future.

It kept me stuck in one place.

In a no man’s land between who I was before diagnosis and who I had the potential to be.

My new book is going to free cancer survivors from that place., free them from feeling stuck.

Because everything I’m sharing in my book is everything I did to set myself free.

And yes, I am completely free.

I have finally put cancer behind me.

I no longer carry it wherever I go.

If you know someone who needs help with life after cancer.

Who can’t wait for the book to come out next year.

Then send them to my website (link in bio) where they can sign up to my 90 day program.

A 90 day coaching program for cancer survivors to finally move on and out the nightmare of treatment and all its after effects behind them.

DM me for details.

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