Cancer didn't bring me to my knees...

it brought me to my feet.

Cancer may have taken from you.

But it didn’t take your essence.

Your spirit…your soul.

Cancer can’t touch that part of you.

And while the rest of you gets bulldozed from all sides.

Your soul holds fast and waits for the war to be over.

Yes damage is done.

You went into battle.

An unwilling soldier in the fight against cancer.

But you came out alive.

Of course you’re going to be shell-shocked.

Emotionally, mentally and physically battered and bruised.

But you made it through.

And your soul is still there, shining bright.

When soldiers return from war.

It takes time for them to adjust.

It takes time for them to heal.

You feel empathy, patience and love for those soldiers don’t you?

You understand where they are coming from?

So perhaps it’s time to show yourself the same empathy, patience and love.

Understand where you are coming from and give yourself a break.

Give yourself time to heal.

Your bold, beautiful soul is still there, intact.

And it will start shining again in it’s own sweet time.

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