Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

If cancer wants you it will attack.

Black or white.

Man or woman.

Gay or straight.

Jewish or muslim.

If cancer wants you it will attack.

And if cancer doesn’t discriminate then we cannot afford to either.

Because cancer is strong and powerful.

So we need our full united force in order to fight back and win.

We need to stand together and see past colour, sex, sexuality and religion.

We need to see our fellow brothers and sisters all fighting the same disgusting disease.

We haven’t got the time to waste hating each other.

We cannot afford to deplete our energies judging each other.

We need to be building each other up.

Not tearing each other down.

Here is the reality…

One in two of of us will be diagnosed with cancer.

It is our only enemy.

And I believe the only way we can overcome is by learning and accepting that we are all the same.


And we are in this battle against cancer together.

We are not the colour of our skin, or our genitals, our sexual preferences or our chosen faiths.

We bleed the same blood.

We cry the same tears.

We feel the same pain.

And together I do believe we can beat anything.


Quite simply

Love Conquers All.

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