Change your mind about what you want.

Whatever it is you are wanting right now.

It’s very likely that it’s the wrong thing to be wanting.

A new car.

More money.

An exotic holiday.

A perfect partner.

That’s all the wrong stuff to want.

There’s only a few essential things you should be wanting.




Unconditional love.

Abundance and prosperity.

Because all those teeny tiny other things you’re fixated on are encompassed within these bigger broader aspirations.

But if you focus on the specifics you’re not allowing the universe to do it’s job.

You actually believe you know what you need better than the universe does.


You may think you know what will make you happy.

But you don’t really know.

Because your world view of possibilities is minuscule compared to the miracles and magic the universe can manifest.

So instead of hoping and praying for something in particular.

Why not just ask for happiness in whatever form that might take?

Instead of asking for a bigger wage, why not ask for abundance and prosperity?

And trust that will come from wherever the universe deems best.

We’ve got way too demanding and controlling.

Thinking we can direct our lives better than the Universe.

But it’s time to get out of the drivers seat and let the Universe drive.

The Universe knows the way far better than we do.

So how about you sit in the passenger seat, roll down the window and just enjoy the view and the journey of your life.

And let the Universe take care of the rest.

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