Clothing sizes and self worth.

The big news today is that H&M are changing all their clothing sizes, making a size 14 go down to a 12 and so on.

I think this is great news!

It doesn't matter what size the person is, what really matters is how an item of clothing makes them feel when they try it on.

Life is about spreading love; making yourself and others feel good on the inside, we've got so wrapped up in the material world we've forgotten that inherently that is the purpose of life and the purpose of us as a species.

The point is who cares if you're a size 2, 12, or 20?!?

That's not what makes you a better person.

What makes you a better person is how you spread love today; how you forgave yourself or someone else, how you didn't make the whole world revolve around you, how you felt gratitude for what you do have instead of dwelling on what you don't.

Those are the things that define you...not your bloody dress size.

I think we should obliterate numerical clothing sizes all together, so none of us can be judged by a number. So Instead of having 'extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large'... we could have... 'lovely, wonderful, awesome, fabulous and amazing.'

Then the conversation would go something like this...

"What size are you?"

"I'm lovely...what size are you?"

"I'm amazing."

Now isn't that better?!?!?

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