Comfort Zone

Is it really a zone of comfort?

Me thinks not.

Ever since cancer I’m become very safe within the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Once impulsive and living fiercely and free.

Now cautious, happy at home in my nest.

Safe in my comfort zone.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your sanctuary…your home…your nest.

But there is something wrong if you prefer hiding there then interacting in the big beautiful world.

It’s weird.

I used to love spontaneity and adventure.

And now, after cancer, I fear change.

My nest has become a rabbit’s hole where I hide.

2019 can’t be like that.

I need to get back into the big wide open.

Experience life and all it has to offer.

Drink it all up, munch it all down, roll in it, bathe in it, dance in it.

There’s more to life than living snugly within our comfort zone.

And for me 2019 is about breaking down those deceivingly comforting walls.

Why can’t the world be my comfort zone?

Living life to the fullest.

Why can’t I find comfort in that?

It’s time for me to stop being a sissy.

I’m not letting cancer turn me into a play-it-safer.

F*ck that!

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