‘Creativity is God energy flowing through us, like light flowing through a crystal prism.’

Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way)

I love this quote… Julia Cameron is such an inspiration, a life-changer and a mentor to me. If you are a creative and haven’t read her book ‘The Artist’s Way,’ then give yourself the gift of transformation and endless creative flow by ordering it right now.

Trust me guys, this book is like a bible to me.

Ever since I learnt to connect to a Higher Power and stopped trying to do it all my way and on my own, the creativity just flows out of me.

Marianne Williamson describes it so perfectly when she explains that we are not the water; we are just the faucet. Which means that we are not the creative source, but the vessel by which the creative source can be released into the world.

Our ego would like us to believe that our creative genius is all our own doing. But the ego is deceiving you my friends.

The ego wants you to be arrogant; blowing your own trumpet in the orchestra that is all and only about you. It’s just another way the ego keeps you separate and apart from your brothers and sisters in the world.

I am just the faucet, the words that continually flow out of me onto keyboard or paper are not my own.

You know how I keep coming up with these blogs each and every day without fail?

By opening myself to the source and allowing it to flow through me.

You can do it too, anyone can. We all have the same creative capabilities because we are all one and the same.

“All of us are special and none of us are special” says Marianne Williamson.

I allow the universe to flow through me like ‘light flowing through a crystal prism’ and that Technicolor light reflects on life in so many beautiful ways.

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