Dealing with post mastectomy boobs and being single.

I can’t help but envy those that are married when diagnosed with breast cancer.

They already have a man who hopefully loves and accepts them for who they are.

So they don’t have to deal with meeting a man and introducing him to their wonky boobies.

Having to navigate the dating world after a single mastectomy is a pain in the ass.

My right breast is warm and soft.

My left breast is freezing cold and hard as a rock.

Not exactly a sexy moment waiting to happen with a potential partner.

So how do you get out there in the dating world with one tit hot and one tit cold?

How do you manage to feel sexy and sensual when a man caresses your rock hard ice cold booby?

This is the stuff the doctors don’t warn you about.

These are the issues people don’t know we have to deal with.

The life AFTER treatment bit where we have to find our own way.

And sometimes this part can be the hardest part of all.

Scary, daunting, and overwhelming.

And not feel very fair at all.

I find dating and post mastectomy breasts a challenge to put together.

And so I avoid dating.

It’s not about the men, I know there are good ones out there that don’t care about that stuff.

The problem is I do.

I care about that stuff.

Because it makes me feel incredibly self conscious and vulnerable.

It makes me feel damaged.

And it makes me feel anything but sexy.

So remember people.

The journey doesn’t end just because the treatment does.

To my fellow single gals post mastectomy out there…

How do you deal with the wonky cold tit issues and dating?

Tell me, please?

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