Do you see the beauty in everyone you meet?

Even those who upset, anger, irritate or offend you?

For they have beauty too.

Yes, even the ones you want to punch in the face.

Underneath all the unnecessary bullsh*t we are all essentially the same.

We are all pure energy, pure light and pure love.

Hard to believe I know.

Conditioning, society, the things we have been through in our lives have hidden that commonality from us.

But what you need to try and remember is that the light is still there within each and every one us whether you can see it or not.

So how about giving the benefit of the doubt?

How about choosing to see the light in a person even if you can’t see it?

Because I promise you, it’s there.

Once you commit to this mindset the world will sparkle.

When you commit to seeing a person’s purity and light under all there meaningless layers your own light will start to shine.

Your own light will shine so bright you will dazzle all you meet and make connections that will blow your mind.

Use your imagination, picture the person surrounded by light and your attitude towards them will change.

And so too will their attitude alter towards you.

It’s called a miracle, it’s easy and you can do it just like that.

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