Don’t underestimate your power to change.

If there is something in your life you’re not happy with?

You do have the power to change it.

No… I’m not saying you are God.

That if you just got diagnosed with cancer you can wave a magic wand and cure yourself.

What I am saying is that you always have the power to choose.

You have the power to change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about any situation in your life.

You can let it beat you to a pulp, overwhelm you, drown you, make you lose all sense of hope and invite despair to move in with you permanently.


You can, in this very moment, right this second as you are reading this, decide to choose differently.

Because you have all the power you need to do that.

I have moments when the bad stuff in my life devours me whole.

When I’m lost in the dark pit of fear’s stomach and can’t find my way out.

And I forget the power that lies within me, and just sit there terrified and alone in the dark.

Sometimes for hours, sometimes even days.

But eventually I do remember that I have the power to transform this in an instant.

All we have to do is think and feel the opposite of the negativity that has brainwashed our being.

And even if you don’t believe the opposite thoughts and feelings just focus on them anyway!

I’m scared —— I can do this

There’s just no way —— Anything is possible

I want to hide —— I am going to shine.

I give up —— I will keep going no matter what.

Every time a fearful thought or feelings knocks on your heart or your head…

Fight back.


Say no.


Own your power and find your way back to the light.

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