Downplaying my brilliance

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I’ve been doing it way too long.

And it’s enough now.

I’m over it.

No more downplaying how extraordinary I am.

With heart-shaped nipples and a heart of gold.

It’s time I shared my gifts with the world.

Not hold them back or turn them down.

No more dimming my light.

You’re just gonna have to deal with the dazzle my friends.

Because I’ve finally decided to just let myself shine.

I’m so tired of playing small.

Of curling up in a foetal position so as not to offend anyone.

And yes, I am going to get it wrong sometimes.

Basking in my own glory I’ll get blinded, walk slap bang into a lamp post and hit my head.

But that’s okay because the bump won’t last forever.

And it’ll be a good lesson in remembering to take my shades wherever I go.

Just in case.

If I really want to serve my purpose, serve others, change lives.

Then I need to be spectacular.

And own my splendour.

I’m splendid.

Nice to meet you.

“He would have you replace the ego’s belief in littleness with his own exalted answer to what you are, so that you can cease to question it and know it for what it is.” - ACIM

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