Some days the fear gets so loud it deafens me.

I want to curl myself up into a tiny little ball, squeeze myself into a corner, and hide where the fear won’t find me.

Do you ever feel like that?

What if I told you this was actually not a bad thing, but a very, very good one?

You’d think I was crazy right?

Well I am crazy, I openly admit that, but not when it comes to this, so just hear me out.

When you are on the right path, when you’ve managed to catch the right train that’s heading to your incredible destiny, your ego panics.

You ego doesn’t want you to find your purpose, your true calling, the right platform for the train to all things amazing.

The ego needs you lost, separate and unhappy because that’s where the ego controls you best.

If you are connected, focused, content, driven, passionate, at peace or trying to transform your self and the world around you, then the ego has no voice and nothing to do.

Obviously your ego doesn’t like this and is going to do whatever is necessary to sabotage where you are.

They call it self-sabotage but it isn’t, it’s ego-sabotage.

So as the fear deafens me, and all I can hear is my ego confirming I am a joke and will never achieve my hopes and dreams, I stop and realise what’s really going on.

I realise this is actually a good thing, this means I’m heading in the right direction, I’m on the right train to make my dreams come true.

Thanks ego for letting me know!

Next time the fear stops you dead in your tracks, just remember it’s your ego panicking that you’re on the right track.

Don’t listen to the fear, don’t lose faith and most of all don’t give up.

Thank you ego for making it so obvious that you are getting close to your dreams, and just keep on going.

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