Every person you meet is part of your spiritual growth.

The people who cross your path do not do so accidentally, they come into your life for a reason.

There is always something invaluable to gain from every encounter, as long as you are open and aware of it.

A persistent suitor may come into your life to teach you how to open your heart, or to stick to your boundaries no matter how persuasive a person can be. An angry screaming confrontation could be a lesson in walking away, or to see under a person’s anger to the true fear that lives within them. An irritating person who gets on your nerves could be a practise in patience and non judgement.

There is always something gained from every person who comes into your life. But it’s up to you whether you are willing to open your mind and look for the pearl of wisdom offered in every interaction.

If you try and remember that there is a gift of learning in every encounter you will start to feel blessed and grateful, for each and every person that crosses your path…even the annoying, condescending, rude, argumentative or selfish ones! In fact those kinds of interactions usually have the most powerful and life changing lessons to learn.

So be grateful, see the positive, see the potential for growth in every person that crosses your path today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

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