Why expectations are the root of evil.

What a load of bollocks.

We set ourselves up to be disappointed before whatever it is actually happens.

What a croc of shit.

I nearly didn’t do something because my negative expectations talked me out of it.

‘Why bother?’

‘You already know it won’t work out.’

‘You’re wasting your time.’

‘You know deep inside it’s wrong for you.’

And I believed everything my ego was telling me.

So I shared those thoughts with a friend and this is what she had to say…

“F*ck it and go anyway.”

“You never know unless you go.”

And she was right.

It doesn’t matter what negative whispers you hear in your head.

You don’t know until you go!

So I went.

And guess what?!?

What was supposed to be a quick coffee turned into eight awesome hours of fun-filled soul connection!

And all those negative warnings from my ego?

It was all a load of bollocks to prevent me from experiencing mad, crazy, happy.

So if there’s something you’ve arranged, something you’ve got to do, a plan in the pipeline.

You may be dreading it and that’s cool.

But just do it anyway.

Force yourself to go.

You never know.



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