Fear off missing out... on your OWN life.


Have you heard of the term F.O.M.O before?

It means ‘the fear of missing out.'

Most of us experience F.O.M.O at one point or another, and some of us experience it on a daily basis.

Scrolling down our social feed on Facebook or Instagram, and seeing our friends doing lots of exciting things that we’re not doing or weren’t invited to.

Wild decadent parties, dinner soirees, picnics or a group of your friends road tripping for a weekend away.

Our heart starts to pang and our mind starts to overthink…

“Why wasn’t I included?”

“Their life is so much better than mine”

“Life sucks.”

But here’s the thing we all need to know…

Forget about the parties and picnics, because there is magic and festivities and frivolities happening right now that we are all missing out on.

Yes, even your friend who was dancing on that yacht in St Tropez!

We’ve all got so preoccupied with social this and social that, that we’ve forgotten how insanely thrilling, entertaining and beautiful our lives are without all that stuff.

Don’t fear missing out on the stuff you see posted on Facebook.

Fear missing out on what’s going on in your life right now.

Fear missing out on all the magic that is surrounding you in this very second.

Did you know that the term ‘knock on wood’ came from a time when Pagans would tap or knock on trees to summon the protective spirits that resided in them?

That means the tree in your garden has magical spirits in it, so why don’t you go outside, give it a knock and say hi?

Did you also know that scientists believe birds originate from theropod dinosaurs?

So maybe your friend is on safari in Africa but you just had a distance relative of a huge carnivorous dinosaur do a crap on your car!

And get this!

The human body glow!

It literally emits a light that rises and falls with the day... it just isn’t perceptible to the human eye.

So who cares about the dinner party you weren’t invited to, when I just told you that you actually glow from the inside out?!?

We should all have severe F.O.M.O of what we’re missing out on in our own lives, instead of being preoccupied with stuff that just doesn’t really compare.

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