Fear of love.

How crazy is that?

What an insane contradiction in terms.

Because love is the only thing that can truly conquer fear.

So how can we be afraid of love?

We should be running towards it, not away from it.

I fear romantic love.

I fear romantic love for so many reasons.

Which is undoubtedly why I have been single for so long 🙄

I fear romantic love will take away my peace and serenity.

I fear romantic love will make my life unmanageable and cause me pain.

I fear romantic love will only disappoint and let me down.

But you know what?

None of those fears are real.

They are illusions created by the ego to keep me alone and separate.

As the saying goes…

Misery loves company.

And the ego is a miserable sod!

His illusions are persuasive and very realistic.

The ego is brilliant at convincing us that its illusions are our own thoughts and feelings.

And I’ve been duped yet again.

Silly old me.

But all is not lost.

It’s never too late to wake up from the ego’s mind games.

As long as we eventually wake up and smell the coffee…

Or rather smell the ego’s stinky stench.

I just smelt it.

Took me long enough.

But I got there.

I wised up to what’s really going on.

Screw that.

Screw you ego.

I’m opening my heart.

I’m letting go of fear.

And replacing it with love.

So what about you?

What are you gonna choose to stop believing today?

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