Get comfortable with God

I feel awkward writing my posts sometimes because God is one of my best mates and I like talking about him.

The God I am best mates with is not part of any religion or doctrine, and he most certainly doesn’t believe in nonsense like guilt and sin. He’s just a power of pure love that watches over every single one of us and loves us all equally no matter who we are. He’s a dude and I hang out with him all the time.

But say the word God and people wince. Say the word God and people can’t change the subject fast enough. Say the word God and you’re instantly labelled a religious nut job. Nut job? Yes sure I am. Religious? I am absolutely not.

When did the word God become so taboo and scary?

You need to believe in something, a power, an energy, a force that is greater than yourself. Something you can connect with and reach out to; because then you are never alone and always have someone there to help and guide you 24/7.

What’s scary about that???

Believing in God doesn’t make you a born again Christian or someone that hands out religious pamphlets outside the train station. Belief and faith connects you to everyone and everything, it surrounds you in love and transforms your life in miraculous ways you can’t even comprehend!

Don’t believe me? Well, I’m living proof.\

Because the word God freaks so many people out I’ve started referring to my best mate as Mr G. It’s less formal and much better suited to our friendship and bond. And you know what? Mr G. doesn’t mind what you call him, just as long as you give him a call.

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