“Go back to normal.”

Doctors shouldn’t say that to patients when their treatment has ended.

They really really shouldn’t say that.

How are you supposed to go back to the normal you once lived after surviving cancer treatment?

And what the hell is normal anyway?!?

‘Conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.’

There’s nothing typical about what we went through.

Our bodies aren’t standard anymore.

And let’s be honest… we don’t know what to expect.

Doctors need to give their patients a real heads up of what comes next.

And stop telling us to just pick up where we left off.

They need to tell us about the next chapter of the cancer story.

Life after cancer.

That it can take time to adapt and adjust.

That we may still struggle and take a while to find our way, to get back on our feet, to discover who we are now we’ve become cancer survivors.

Because otherwise we go back out into the world and do as the doctor suggests.

We try and go back to normal.

But we can’t find it.

There is no normal to go back to.

Then we get frustrated, confused, lost, disappointed in ourselves and can feel like failures.

So how about we forget normal?

And instead just do you, whatever that is and however you are right now.

Take it slow, be patient and be kind to yourself.

Don’t try and go back anymore.

Just be here in this moment.

And just do you.

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