Going through cancer means we’ve met with the prospect of death face to face.

And for those who aren’t in remission, they are still looking death straight in the eye.

I know death only has negative connotations, and I know I’d have a challenge convincing anyone that death is not all doom and gloom.

But I’m gonna try anyway.

Death is our greatest teacher.

Being aware of our imminent death teaches us to live every moment of our lives fully, because we know every single teeny tiny moment matters.

If we connect with the notion of death, instead of pretending it isn’t there, we are actually setting ourselves free.

We’ll stop stuffing food in our face without thinking, and start to consciously appreciate every mouthful.

And instead of rushing for cover when the skies start to pour down, we would appreciate and celebrate the feeling of rain on our face.

‘What if you knew that the next person you’d see would be the last person you’d see? You’d be right there soaking it in…It wouldn’t matter what they were saying, you’d just enjoy the words because it would be the last conversation you’d ever have. What if you brought that kind of awareness to every conversation?’ - Michael Singer

Facing and accepting our eventual death connects us to everyone and everything.

That’s not morbid, that’s poetic.

We become more aware, grateful, appreciative, celebratory and conscious.

Yes it’s a scary subject and a huge thing to contemplate, but in facing and accepting death we can better appreciate every moment we are given.

So maybe, just maybe, stop being so afraid and understand one of the most important lesson there is to learn.

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