Got a big decision to make?

Ask for a sign!

Do you ever have those moments when you have a big decision or dilemma and you just don’t know what to do?

Asking friends, colleagues or family is not the best idea because they are subjective and can’t truly know the right path you should take. All they can do is give you their opinion, and chances are that will just leave you even more confused.

So whom do you ask?

How do you make the right decision?

What if I suggested you handed it over to the universe for guidance?

"But how on earth am I supposed to do that?!?!"

It’s easy.

Just ask if what you want to do is the right decision and then look for a sign.

Decide on the sign you want to be given... it can be any object… a red Volkswagen, a sunflower or a wolf, for example.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to see a red Volkswagen drive past you…you could see it in a movie you’re watching. And the sunflower could be a sticker in somebody’s window, or the wolf on the label of an artisan bottle of beer.

Your sign can come to you in very unexpected ways so just try and stay aware and have an open mind.

You will be amazed how the universe has the answers you need and wants to make it blatantly obvious to you.

Usually, when I ask the universe to confirm if a certain way is the right direction, the sign is a butterfly… and I’ve seen them appear in the strangest places! Like on the wallpaper in a restaurant bathroom, on the front of someone’s t-shirt as they walked past me and on the television in an advert for baby food!

And if you don’t see a sign? Well, that’s your answer.

No sign is a sign, a sign that you are being directed in a different direction.

The universe knows what’s in our best interests much more than we do. The question is are you willing to trust it?

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