Guess what? I met a guy and I’m terrified!

Ok technically I haven’t met him, not in the same room anyway, but we have chatted on live video a few times…that counts doesn’t it?

You see he lives on a whole other continent, so the usual first date for a drink to see if there’s a connection, doesn’t really apply in our situation.

I signed up to Spiritual Singles, and after filling out the profile section it asks you whether you want to find true love nearby or if you believe your soul mate could be anywhere in the world.

I chose the latter, because that’s what I believe, and the first message I received was from ‘Mister’ in California… and no obviously ‘Mister’ is not his real name.

We’ve only been chatting a couple of weeks and already I am running for the hills.

The fear got the better of me and all I want to do is take my dogs and go live in a mole’s hole somewhere deep in the forest!

I’ve been 100% single and lived alone for over three years, and my solitude has become my security and comfort zone; and I am terrified to give that up.

Why do they call it comfort zone anyway? When in actual fact it only offers the illusion of comfort but in actual fact becomes a prison.

This is something we must all be aware of… do not let your so-called comfort zone become your prison people.

It may feel safe and comforting, but its walls can grow around you until you can’t get out and the world can’t get in.

I think it’s exam time in the school of life and I’ve got a lot to learn right now. I’ve got to revise everything life is bringing me and make sure I pass with flying colours; so I may evolve, transform and continue to bloom into technicolour.

I’ll keep you posted!

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